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My name is Bakir Junaideen and I am a web and graphic designer from Vancouver, British Columbia. As the founder and the Creative Director of the Black Mango Media design studio, I integrate the foundations of art, logic and aesthetics to produce sophisticated and exciting interfaces. I also specialize in creating distinctive visual identity systems for up-and-coming or small businesses, artists, photographers, writers and creatives. When not designing, I further hone my creative process as the editor of Plot & Poetry.

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Below are some of the services we can deliver you. Have something in mind that's not listed? we are crative and inventive; let's see what we can do for you or your business

Web Design

Good web design is about more than just looking good—users respond and will return to well-organized, targeted sites that load quickly and are easy to use. My multi-faceted websites combine user-friendly design with outstanding visual impact that will bring visitors and business to your site.

Web Development

All my web development projects implement the highest degree of accessibility, usability, and search engine friendliness via the most up-to-date techniques. So no matter what the size or scope of the project—if you need a website for your business, community organization or personal use—I can provide you with a professional and effective solution.

Other Capabilites

Promotional Materials & Brochures
Event marketing Design
Branding and Identity
Book Covers and publication design
Social Media Strategy
Exclusive collateral materials for
photographers and writers:
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Good design is as little design as possible. Less, but better – because it concentrates on the essential aspects, and the products are not burdened with non-essentials. Back to purity, back to simplicity

Bakir Junaideen (Via Dieter Rams)Web UX and Development

Design Process

Every project, business and industry can obtain the rewards of clear, distinctive, targeted design. As professional designer with years’ of experience, I help small businesses and creative professionals use design to communicate effectively both online and in print.
.A good graphic design process is structured around ensuring the client gets the highest quality solution and service appropriate to their business, marketing or communication challenges. There are four main steps involved between client and myself when initializing a project.

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We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.

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Amber Kittul Toddy
Mission Farms
Hipster Reading Specs
Kate & Julia

Creativity is just like connecting things …. creative people … connect experiences … and synthesize new things. ~ Steve Jobs


Exclusive design for Indie Authors

Self-publishing is coming of age in more ways than one. Feel free to judge books by their covers. Those who are seriously committed to publishing excellence are leading the way with professional products that rival their traditionally published peers

Exclusive Designs Photographers

This is your own business, your own craft. If you take the time and really think everything out, you will brand well from out of the gate. If you rush, and slap stuff together and start branding yourself wrong, you will be wasting time and potentially turning away (and turning off) potential clients. Remember, it isn’t a race. Build your brand and business slowly and you will have a far greater chance at success.

  • Bakir did an awesome job designing a web-page and a logo for me, especially since it had to fit into an already-existing website. He was attentive to detail, creative, professional, and reasonably priced.

    Steven Thind
  • Bakir does great work! He’s fast and responsive. Could not ask for a better web UX designer and developer..

    Shamir Al Shafi
  • Bakir has volunteered for few years as the Creative Director and web technical expert for a non-profit group that I was a part of. He has helped to troubleshoot issues and she helped me to implement a complete redesign of the site using a new service provider that had some quirky implementations of features.

    Kate Russell


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